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Let your inner confidence shine with our clear aligner treatment. Say goodbye to misaligned teeth that don't reflect your true self. Dr. Rajni Kapoor and our Yorktown, VA team are here to help.

Invisalign®: Hassle-Free Brilliance

Discover the brilliance of Invisalign®. Unlike braces, these clear aligners offer a hassle-free, virtually invisible solution. No more metal mouth! Enjoy comfortable, removable trays that gently guide your teeth into place.

Custom Comfort, Clear Transformation!

Customized comfort is vital! Dr. Kapoor tailors each aligner tray precisely to fit your mouth. These transparent trays are easily removable for eating and cleaning, making the process seamless and comfortable throughout your treatment journey.

Consistency for Beautiful Smiles

Consistency is key to success. Wear your aligners as advised by Dr. Kapoor. Each tray is uniquely designed to progress your treatment. Whether it's minor adjustments or addressing more extensive concerns, trust in the process for a beautiful smile.

Transform Your Smile in a Year

It's time for transformation! Achieve evenly-spaced teeth and restore your confidence in approximately a year. The number of aligners varies based on individual needs. Embrace a healthier smile and prevent future dental issues with properly aligned teeth.

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Dr. Kapoor uses advanced software to showcase your post-treatment smile in Yorktown, VA.

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