Preventing Bone Loss after Tooth Loss in Yorktown, VA!

At Mirage Family Dentistry, preserving your smile isn't just about aesthetics.

Dr. Rajni Kapoor emphasizes the critical link between a healthy mouth and well-being.

Tooth loss can wreak havoc, causing bone deterioration that prematurely ages and affects facial structure.

Essential Role of Dental Bridges

Dental bridges, part of restorative dentistry, are crucial for addressing tooth loss.

When a tooth is beyond repair due to trauma or decay, replacements like fillings or crowns might not suffice.

Dr. Kapoor recommends prompt replacement to prevent bone loss and functional issues.

Function of Traditional Bridges

Restoration through dental bridges involves crafting prosthetic teeth to fill smile gaps.

Traditional fixed bridges include crowns on neighboring teeth with a pontic cemented in place.

Maintenance tips are offered to ensure their longevity and your oral health.

Benefits of Implant Supported Bridges

Alternatively, implant-supported bridges are an advanced option.

These bridges don't rely on neighboring teeth but anchor onto dental implants placed in the jawbone.

These implants act as roots, stabilizing the prosthetic and preserving bone structure.

Versatility of Implant Solutions

Implant-supported bridges offer versatility: one implant can support a single tooth or several missing teeth.

For extensive tooth loss cases, a minimal number of implants stabilize dentures, providing stability and functionality to the wearer.

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