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Versatile Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are a versatile solution that preserves smile aesthetics, function, and health. Our Yorktown team employs them to rebuild weak or decayed teeth, anchor bridges, or support implants, choosing materials based on specific tooth needs

Metal-Free Crown Choices

Metal-free ceramic crowns offer strength and aesthetics. Choices like all-porcelain or zirconia, made from zirconium dioxide, ensure durability without the concerns of metal sensitivities or adverse health effects. These biocompatible options match the natural tooth color.

Benefits of Ceramic Crowns

Ceramic crowns boast several advantages: durability without corrosion, seamless color blending with surrounding teeth, minimal tooth preparation, and a conservative approach, preserving natural tooth structure.

Procedure Insights

Dr. Kapoor may recommend crowns for those unsuited for conservative restorations. Tooth and crown preparation, along with scans and models, precede the fabrication and placement of the permanent crown, cemented onto the prepared tooth structure.

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