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Teeth Whitening

Experience genuine change in your smile with professional teeth whitening at our Yorktown, VA office.

Dr. Kapoor oversees treatments that eliminate stains, ensuring a vibrant, healthy smile you'll love.

Say goodbye to generic solutions. Our tailored treatments at Mirage Family Dentistry use  high-concentration and proven ingredients to ensure safety, comfort, and lasting, personalized results you can count on.

Customized Whitening Solutions

Our whitening services guarantee a safe, satisfying experience with peroxide-based ingredients and personalized attention. No discomfort, no sensitivity—just efficient, effective results designed for you.

Effective, Safe, and Satisfying

Banish deep discoloration with our advanced KöR® Whitening System.  Dr. Kapoor's expertise ensures even severe brown or yellow stains vanish without resorting to restorations like veneers or crowns.

Combat Stubborn Stains

Our hassle-free approach involves customized oral trays, ensuring an easy, gradual removal of even the most resistant stains. Your brilliant smile awaits with our natural and incremental whitening method.

Easy and Tailored Process

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