Our highly cosmetic, exceptionally strong twist on the versatile dental crowns procedure

At Mirage Family Dentistry, we treat patients like the unique individuals that they are, and this approach includes personalizing treatment to their one-of-a-kind needs and characteristics. So, no two treatments are exactly alike. 

Dental crowns are among the most versatile procedures that dentists like our own Dr. Rajni Kapoor have to preserve the smile’s beauty, function, and health. These restorations may be used to rebuild weak or decayed teeth and may even be applied as part of a prosthetic or replacement tooth (crowns anchor dental bridges and support dental implants). Our team in Yorktown, Virginia, has an array of materials to choose from when crafting crowns. The appropriate material largely depends on factors like the location of the failing tooth. 

Metal-free ceramic crowns blend both durability and exceptional cosmetics. They are also appropriate for individuals with sensitivities to metals or those concerned about the risk of adverse health effects from metal restorations. Options for metal-free crowns include all-porcelain and zirconia. These latter crowns are made from zirconium dioxide, an exceptionally strong ceramic material. Ceramics are often lauded as biocompatible. This term refers to the dental material’s compatibility with living, natural surrounding tissues. Such crowns also:

  • Wear well
  • Do not corrode like metals
  • It can be matched to blend in with the color of the surrounding tooth structure and neighboring teeth
  • Require minimal preparation of the existing tooth
  • Present a conservative or tissue-preserving alternative to materials that require a more aggressive reduction of the tooth structure

Dr. Kapoor may recommend crowns if you are not a good candidate for more conservative dental restorations, such as fillings, inlays, and onlays. Generally, both the tooth and crown are prepared. Scans and models of the teeth are taken and made, which are then used to fabricate the crown. Once the permanent crown is ready, it is cemented to the prepared tooth structure that has been cleaned and reshaped to accept the crown. 

Are you due for a check-up? If so, do not delay scheduling your appointment at Mirage Family Dentistry today. Our office in Yorktown, VA, can be reached at (757) 856-5545. Symptoms such as pain and swelling are signs that damage may have already occurred. Do not wait for these and other concerns to arise. We may be able to intervene with problems before they cause irreversible damage and require restorative dentistry care. 

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