Enjoy laser dentistry and other advanced technologies at Mirage Family Dentistry

At Mirage Family Dentistry of Yorktown, Virginia, Dr. Rajni Kapoor and her team of professionals believe in offering treatment using advanced dental technology with a focus on painless dentistry. With laser dentistry, patients can enjoy comfortable and effective treatments for addressing common dental issues. Let’s take a look at the benefits of laser dental procedures.

What laser dental treatments are available?

Our team uses a wide range of laser-based devices to provide patients with treatments that are often more comfortable, less invasive, and offer precision results. One way lasers are used in our office is for laser gum surgery. Whether you need to target bacteria in the gums that contribute to periodontal disease or have your gums contoured, laser dentistry can help! We provide treatment using FDA-cleared devices to ensure safety and effectiveness while providing a focus on less bleeding, eliminating the need for sharp dental instruments and drills, and ensuring faster healing following treatments.

What other advanced dental technology is used at Mirage Family Dentistry?

In addition to our many laser dental treatments, we offer a range of devices that use today’s incredible technological advances to improve dentistry and dental care. These include:

  • Intraoral cameras – intraoral cameras are typically used to show patients what the dentist sees, which helps in the diagnosis of certain dental problems
  • Digital dental X-rays – digital dental X-rays significantly reduce exposure to radiation and allow our team to easily zoom in on photos and store them for easy access later
  • CBCT and 3D imaging – using cone beam computed tomography technology, we are able to see images of the smile in three dimensions for improved diagnostics and treatment of various oral health issues

Where can I find a dental practice offering laser dentistry?

Dr. Rajni Kapoor and the team at Mirage Family Dentistry are here to provide patients with the latest solutions to common dental concerns.

If you are seeking a dental practice that offers laser dentistry and other advanced solutions, we invite you to call our practice in Yorktown, Virginia, at (757) 856-5545 to request an appointment today.