Keep your smile looking good by sealing out the bad with professional dental sealants

At Mirage Family Dentistry, we can quite literally “seal out” the bad or nasty substances that cause cavities and tooth decay. No, it’s not magic! Our team in Yorktown, Virginia, led by Dr. Rajni Kapoor, may recommend dental sealants as soon as the first permanent molar or premolar is visible in the mouth and erupts or surfaces through the gums. This stage in oral development typically occurs at around the age of 6. By applying sealants as decay-prone back teeth first emerge, we get ahead of the problem. 

With that being said, sealants are appropriate for older patients, too. Our team is very well aware of how oral and overall health evolves. It is a journey. With the passage of years, adults with a long history of oral health may face challenges to their beautiful, complete smile for the first time. Dental sealants are a proven, quick, affordable, safe, painless, and non-invasive preventative dentistry service that we proudly offer to adult and pediatric patients! 

The process 

Dental sealants require minimal time and preparation. To protect the teeth and even encourage remineralization and a reversal of the enamel erosion or decay process, Dr. Kapoor will simply clean and dry the teeth to be “sealed.” The teeth are then conditioned with a special product to ensure the strongest bond between the sealant material and the natural tissue. Once these teeth have been primed, our dentist carefully applies the sealant as a liquid. The liquid is clear and non-toxic. It will not alter the bite or be felt in the mouth. 

Sealants simply provide a very thin covering, which works to block out the nasty substances responsible for dental decay and damage. These substances include food debris, bacteria, and plaque. Bits of food tend to become trapped in the pits and fissures of these unevenly surfaced and grooved teeth. The ability to clean these teeth is further challenged by their location, especially among those patients with limited motor skills or dexterity issues. 

After the sealant is expertly applied, Dr. Kapoor hardens it, and then you are on your way! Simply care for your sealed teeth with the usual consistent brushing, flossing, and check-ups at our office in Yorktown, Virginia. Dr. Kapoor will also confirm that your sealants are in good shape during these check-ups. Adjustments or replacements can be made quickly. 

Mirage Family Dentistry also accepts many insurance plans. Dental insurance often covers these and other preventative services in full. For those concerned about costs and who do not have insurance, be sure to ask us about our in-house membership savings plans! Call (757) 856-5545 with questions and to schedule your appointment today.