A guide to ultra-thin, ultra-strong, and ultra-stunning veneers

At Mirage Family Dentistry in Yorktown, Virginia, we make imperfections in the smile disappear into thin air! Veneers are the “magic” behind such stunning smile transformations. You can trust our talented and experienced dentist, Dr. Rajni Kapoor. Dr. Kapoor plans and designs veneers treatment to perfectly suit and fit the unique characteristics of your smile. She also uses modern techniques and materials to promote the best experience and the lasting function and esthetics of your improved teeth!

Get to know veneers

Veneers are thin layers of dental material. Usually, dental ceramics such as porcelain are color-matched and otherwise “prepared” or designed to blend in with the other natural and unaltered teeth in your smile. Each veneer is then applied to the front surface of a visible tooth with cosmetic flaws. Once the veneers are secured to the teeth, they cover up or disguise these flaws. We may treat imperfect (yet otherwise healthy) teeth with esthetic concerns like: 

  • Chips 
  • Small cracks 
  • Uneven spacing 
  • Gaps between teeth 
  • Oddly-shaped teeth 
  • Teeth with irregular contours
  • Signs of wear and tear

Modern veneers are very thin. So, only a small amount of enamel is removed to accommodate the veneer. However, our practice offers “minimal-prep” Lumineers®

Before & After Results

Conservative care

Lumineers® preserves the utmost tooth structure because they are ultra-thin and can fit properly on top of the teeth without “preparation” or the reduction of each tooth. The process is largely well-tolerated by patients. The risk of tooth sensitivity and discomfort traditionally associated with the removal of enamel is minimized. Furthermore, since the procedure is so gentle, no numbing is necessary for comfort. This makes veneers at Mirage Family Dentistry appropriate for the many individuals with dental fear and apprehension. The common “triggers,” such as needles and shots, are eliminated.

Generally, conservative treatments like Lumineers® also support the most natural result and sustained strength and durability. It makes sense because tooth-preserving treatments make the most of natural tooth material. 

Veneers may be completed in a few appointments. They are appropriate for many types of patients. Dental porcelain resists stains well, and our veneers also hold up well for many years with good care. 

To find out more about your options for treatment, schedule an appointment with Dr. Kapoor. Our team in Yorktown, VA, may be reached at (757) 856-5545.