State-of-the-art Facility Provides Oral Surgeries

When it comes to dental work, sometimes more invasive procedures need to be performed to address a problem. That includes oral surgery and extractions. Dr. Rajni Kapoor of Mirage Family Dentistry in Yorktown, Virginia, is available to help with this and other dental services in her state-of-the-art practice.

What oral surgeries are available at Mirage Family Dentistry?

Our team offers a wide selection of procedures and services for patients who need oral surgery. That includes:

  • Emergency tooth extractions โ€“ sometimes, a tooth that has been severely damaged or decayed may need to be removed as soon as possible to avoid spreading infection or other problems. We provide emergency extractions, sometimes known as simple extractions when required.
  • Wisdom teeth removal โ€“ the third molars are the last teeth to come through the gum line and can become problematic for many patients. For some, the teeth can be impacted underneath and unable to erupt. If you need a wisdom tooth extraction, we will refer you to a trusted colleague.
  • Bone grafting โ€“ patients who have experienced bone loss of the jaw and want to obtain restorations such as dental implants may need to ask about bone grafting procedures to prepare them for future dental work. Bone grafting is done with artificial or donor material and helps repair the jawbone.

How do I find out which oral surgery I need?

Talking with our dentist is the first step in determining if oral surgery and extraction are right for you. Diagnostic imaging may be done, and x-rays to get an idea of the problem at hand. Then, Dr. Kapoor will speak to the patient about the best treatment option for their unique needs. Along with extractions and surgeries, her practice offers a wide range of general and restorative care solutions.

Are you interested in learning more about oral surgery solutions?

Contact our Yorktown, VA, area team today to schedule a consultation and talk to Dr. Rajni Kapoor about general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry options. The office is located at 135 Grafton Station Lane, Suite B-C, and is open to new and returning patients who call (757) 856-5545 to request an appointment.