Transition effortlessly to your new, complete smile with our modern approaches to dentures

Tooth loss is traumatic. But tooth replacement shouldn’t be! At Mirage Family Dentistry, Dr. Rajni Kapoor has made the process of replacing failing or missing teeth in Yorktown, Virginia, as comfortable, hassle-free, and cost-effective as possible. When teeth cannot be preserved through means such as root canal therapy, prompt tooth replacement should generally follow extraction or the removal of a badly damaged tooth. 

A conventional bridge or implant-supported crown or bridge may be appropriate for patients who are missing just one tooth. We can also replace some teeth with dental bridges. However, dentures are well-suited to those individuals with more extensive tooth loss. Generally, dentures work like this: 

  • A partial denture includes prosthetic teeth and gum tissue connected to a metal framework. “Partials” may be in your future if you have some remaining healthy teeth. The framework or denture must connect to those existing teeth. In turn, the denture attaches to and is stabilized by these teeth. 
  • A complete or full denture includes prosthetic teeth and gum tissue on a base that slides into the mouth. The upper denture is held in place by natural suction. The lower denture also depends on natural suction for its stability. Yet, due to the shape of the floor of the mouth, additional products such as denture adhesive may be necessary to ensure the utmost stability and comfort. 
  • Implant-supported partial or full dentures are held in place, not by attachments to the teeth or by suction. Instead, they rely on implants that are secured in the jawbone. These implants function like tooth roots. Once they are attached to the denture, implants provide a strong foundation for the prosthetic teeth. 

“Traditional” dentures require ongoing adjustments. The mouth changes over time. So, to keep up with those changes, adjustments to the fit of the denture must be made. Services to restore or retain comfort and a proper fit include relining or rebasing the denture. 

As true partners in your health, Mirage Family Dentistry also works closely with you to ensure the easiest and most hassle-free transition to wearing and using your new teeth. We also use advanced materials and diagnostic technologies to ensure a precise fit and teeth that look like the “real deal.” 

Call (757) 856-5545 to schedule your dentures consultation today with Dr. Kapoor at our office in Yorktown, VA. We may even be able to take your old, uncomfortable, and ill-fitting dentures and “retrofit” them with implants!