Introducing sleep apnea treatment without bulky, noisy, uncomfortable CPAP!

Highly personalized yet comprehensive and advanced dental care is no illusion at Mirage Family Dentistry. Our dentist, Dr. Rajni Kapoor, has invested considerable training in the latest therapies. So, you and your family get everything necessary to support lifelong oral health from the team you already know and trust in Yorktown, Virginia.

We continuously expand our capabilities and are proud to offer services to treat sleep apnea conveniently, comfortably, affordably, and effectively. 

Resolving sleep-disordered breathing at the dentist’s office

Dentists like Dr. Kapoor are revolutionizing how sleep-disordered breathing, including sleep apnea, is being treated. Formerly, individuals with this potentially lethal condition were limited in their options for care. They had to “settle” for a bulky, noisy, tedious, and uncomfortable CPAP machine. 

While the delivery of pressurized air to the patient via this machine is effective, patient compliance is generally low. Many patients do not get used to wearing a mask during sleep. Getting the right “seal” between the mask and the patient’s face can also be tough. Without this proper seal, treatment is not effective. Adequate airflow is not maintained.

Mirage Family Dentistry is pleased to offer a more attractive alternative: Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT).

The ease and value of OAT

There are numerous oral appliances available to prevent the many severe complications of Obstructive Sleep Apnea, and to restore and sustain healthy, restful sleep. While the design varies, all these appliances are generally worn during sleep. They are customized to fit the patient’s mouth precisely, which ensures comfort and effective treatment. 

Due to these attributes, patient compliance is high. In addition to being easy to wear, these appliances are easy to care for and can be easily transported everywhere you go. 

Such devices work by repositioning the jaws to prevent relaxed throat tissues from obstructing the airway during sleep. They are discreet for both the patient/wearer and their spouse, partner, and other household members (no noisy CPAP!). 

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Do not “sleep” on OSA. Sleep-disordered breathing is serious. Persistent fatigue puts you at increased risk of serious injury or accidents. It also stresses the heart and other internal organs. 

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