NightguardsThink you grind your teeth? Why you should not hit the snooze button on night-time bruxism treatmentNightguards

The effects of bruxism, or teeth grinding, are clear to talented dentists like our own Dr. Rajni Kapoor. In fact, Dr. Kapoor is often on the front lines of detecting and treating conditions whose effects often transcend the oral cavity. These conditions include bruxism. 

Yes, chronic grinding of the teeth and clenching of the jaws can result in chips, fractures, and premature wear to restorations like dental fillings and crowns. Dr. Kapoor can see such excessive wear and tear and damage during semiannual check-ups at the Mirage Family Dentistry office in Yorktown, Virginia. Prompt treatment with nightguards, for instance, is essential for both oral and systemic health. The dental complications of bruxism only tell part of this condition’s destructive story.

Do not sleep on bruxism treatment.

Bruxism is often characterized as nocturnal. This is where nightguards get their name. Typically, patients slip these appliances into their mouths and over their teeth at night before they go to bed. 

Custom, professional nightguards are designed from highly durable, performance materials. They are also precisely fitted to the contours and specifications of each patient’s one-of-a-kind mouth. In turn, when worn during sleep, they protect the teeth from damage caused by the force exerted on oral tissues from grinding, gnashing, and clenching behaviors. 

Additionally, these guards help to ease temporomandibular joint disorder-related symptoms. The TMJs are simply jaw joints. TMJDs are characterized by chronic migraines, tension headaches, earaches, jaw locking, and radiating pain, among other persistent and disruptive concerns.  

Bruxism is often implicated in the development and progression of TMJDs. Consider that the oral cavity does not exist in isolation. The extreme forces placed on the teeth can be transferred to other structures and tissues in the jaw, resulting in some of the widespread pain described here, problems with chewing, and other TMJ-related issues. 

Restore your oral health, restful sleep, and quality of life. 

Just one little device can make a world of difference in your health and well-being. It should be noted that bruxism can also occur during the day. There are many contributors to this condition, including stress. Individuals may brux their teeth during the day while working on a stressful project. They may also continue that destructive habit unconsciously while sleeping. There are numerous different designs for oral appliances. Some are so discreet that they may be worn during the day while working. 

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