Your child deserves the best, healthiest start with exceptional pediatric dentistry

By their nature, general dentistry suggests comprehensive services. However, not all general dentists have the onsite capabilities available at our well-appointed office. 

Dr. Rajni Kapoor of Mirage Family Dentistry in Yorktown, Virginia (and beyond) has invested in the training and technologies to support a wide range of advanced services. We have everything your family needs to support the health and beauty of their smiles for life. 

Pediatric dentistry: Your child deserves the best start!

At our office, we welcome children! We generally want to develop a healthy routine of regular dental “check-ups” as soon as they are “school-aged,” beginning at around age five. These check-ups are similar to your routine dental visits. 

They include a comprehensive exam of the teeth, gums, and the rest of the mouth. Also, our kind, skilled, and fun dental hygienists will gently remove surface stains and other “nasties” (like bacteria and plaque) from the teeth and at the gumline. 

In addition to these professional cleanings, our team loves to show children how to be better brushers. We make the learning process fun, fear-free, and inspiring! 

Your child should always feel comfortable here. Children who are not afraid of the dentist will grow into adults who keep up with the regular, preventative visits that they need to enjoy many happy, healthy years. 

After all, so much of how you feel about yourself and how your body functions come down to the condition and state of your teeth and gums. Painful chewing affects nutrition, digestion, and systemic health. A smile with obvious gaps or other sources of embarrassment negatively affects self-confidence.

You never have to worry about your child “aging out” of our practice. They get to stay with the team they know and are familiar with for life, even after they “graduate” from their teens to young adulthood. As they age and grow, we can discuss and may move forward with services to promote a healthy, happy, beautiful smile. These options include:

  • Dental sealants – “Raincoats” to protect decay-prone back teeth
  • In-office fluoride supplementation – Helps to remineralize the teeth to prevent cavities or to stop decay from progressing

And many other recommendations and services tailored to your child’s unique needs

Are you or your child due for a dental check-up? Call Mirage Family Dentistry at (757) 856-5545 today! 

For your convenience, our team in Yorktown, VA, is happy to provide block appointments and accommodate your busy and active family’s packed schedules.