Dental implant placement and restoration

If you need to replace missing teeth, you are not alone. There are many reasons why a patient might be missing one or more teeth, and there are several solutions for replacing them. In many situations, the best solution is dental implants.

What are dental implants?

Dr. Rajni Kapoor of Mirage Family Dentistry in Yorktown, Virginia, describes dental implants as the closest thing we can give a patient to a natural tooth. The implant itself mimics the root of a tooth by being placed in a patient’s jawbone, and a crown is secured on top of the implant to look and function like a natural tooth. Implants can be used to replace a single tooth, to secure a denture, or to replace an entire arch of teeth. Implants are one of the most reliable procedures performed in dentistry and have many advantages over other tooth replacement options.

Can I replace all my teeth with dental implants? 

Absolutely! There are a few options for patients who are uncomfortable with their traditional dentures or who will be losing their teeth and don’t want to end up with conventional dentures. It is possible to utilize implants as anchors for a denture so that it snaps into place. This allows patients to eat, talk, and laugh without worrying about their dentures coming loose. Alternatively, for patients who do not want anything removable in their mouth, implants can be used as the foundation for an entire arch of teeth screwed into place. Dr. Kapoor and her team are very knowledgeable about what implant options are available and what would work best for each patient.

What are other methods of replacing missing teeth available at Mirage Family Dentistry?

Our team is also pleased to provide services such as dental bridges and partial dentures for patients needing to replace one or more teeth with natural-looking, quality restorations.

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