The lasting beauty, strength of tooth-colored fillings made from metal-free composite to repair cavities

At Mirage Family Dentistry, Dr. Rajni Kapoor combines timeless values, timely technologies, and techniques to provide the most precise, safe, and comfortable treatment possible for individuals and their families across Yorktown, Virginia.

In our office, Dr. Kapoor uses tooth-colored fillings made from a metal-free dental composite. These composite materials are typically formulated with a blend of plastics, glass-like particles, and resin. They can be perfectly color-matched to replicate the appearance of natural teeth. And, since fillings quite literally “fill in” the hole or cavity caused by tooth decay, such tooth-colored materials are also designed to seamlessly blend with the surrounding, healthy, preserved natural tissue. 

For many patients, non-metal composite fillings are an attractive alternative to conventional metal or amalgam fillings. 

  • They look like natural teeth. Amalgam fillings are silver-colored and can darken over time. 
  • Composites continue to look as great as the day they were placed and “wear well” as long as you maintain good oral hygiene at home and regular visits to our office, as recommended by Dr. Kapoor.
  • Dental composite fillings do not contain mercury. “Amalgam” actually refers to a combination of materials. Usually, these silver-colored fillings contain copper, tin, silver, and mercury. In fact, on average, mercury makes up about half of each filling by weight. Mercury is a known toxin. 
  • Composites and other metal-free materials are appropriate for many patients, including those with concerns or a history of sensitivities and adverse reactions to metals. 
  • Composite fillings can be placed with techniques that conserve as much healthy tooth structure as possible. Tooth-preserving restorations are generally stronger, more lifelike in appearance, and longer lasting than their counterparts, which introduce greater artificial materials to the treatment site and remaining natural tissue. 

In fact, the process of placing these fillings is fast and tolerated well by most patients. Dr. Kapoor simply prepares the affected tooth by removing any diseased tissue. The prepared material is then placed, shaped, hardened, and secured to the tooth using a special curing light. For utmost comfort, your dentist can discuss any medications to keep you relaxed and to ensure the most gentle and painless treatment experience.

Do you wince every time you drink something cold or eat something sweet? Have you noticed some unusual discoloration on your teeth? Is your breath suddenly and persistently unpleasant? These may all be signs of cavities. For cavity repair that you can trust, call Mirage Family Dentistry at (757) 856-5545. Our office is conveniently located at 135 Grafton Station Lane, Suite B-C, in Yorktown, Virginia. The sooner we can see you, the faster we can efficiently resolve undesirable symptoms and avoid the need for more aggressive restorative treatment!