The purpose of dental extractions

While the loss of teeth is often associated with childhood, as baby teeth make way for the adult teeth, some situations can arise when a patient needs to have the dentist manually remove a tooth. Dr. Rajni Kapoor can perform dental extractions at Mirage Family Dentistry in Yorktown, Virginia.

What are some situations in which natural teeth may need to be removed?

Some common reasons for tooth removal include:

  • Crowding: When insufficient space is available in the mouth for all the teeth, they may need to be extracted to make room.
  • Impacted teeth: Teeth that cannot erupt through the gum due to other teeth or bone blockage may need to be removed. That is very common with the third molars, or “wisdom teeth,” which are the last to come into the smile and often become stuck in the back corners of the mouth.  If you need a wisdom tooth extraction, we will refer you to a trusted colleague.
  • Infection: Abscessed or severely decayed teeth may need to be removed if there is no way to save them. Dr. Rajni Kapoor will attempt to perform root canal therapy whenever possible, but severe damage or infection may keep this from being a reliable option.
  • Orthodontic treatment: In some cases, teeth may need to be removed to achieve desired results from orthodontic treatment. It is often associated with crowding, where there are too many teeth to align them properly.

What types of tooth removal may be performed?

There are two primary removal methods: simple tooth extraction and surgical tooth extraction. The simple extraction is the quick removal of a tooth above the gum line and can be accessed by the dentist, while surgical extraction is performed when a tooth is below the gum line. Surgical tooth extraction is performed with proper anesthetics and is more invasive due to the nature of the process.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Dr. Rajni Kapoor of Yorktown, VA is a dentist who may recommend extracting adult, permanent teeth in certain situations. If you qualify to have one or more teeth removed from the smile, connect with Mirage Family Dentistry by calling (757) 856-5545 to request an appointment at 135 Grafton Station Lane, Suite B-C.